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Parents Association AGM – Sept 12th 2013

Some 25% of three year old classed as Overweight or Obese
This is according to the latest government run Growing Up in Ireland Report. So it was very fitting that one of the speakers at the BSPA AGM on 12th September, presented on the Prevention of Childhood Obesity. Sinead Killeen, endocrine physiotherapist gave detailed information on, among other aspects of this topic, raising an active child, measuring BMI and the 365 Rule! She also provided useful tips for promoting healthy eating and building activity into our lifestyle, eg:

Be fun
Be available to your children
Include activities that can be done independently
Include an aerobic activity (running/walking) 4/5 times a week
Organise housework – weeding, dusting, hovering

Ms Blennerhassett (SI) then spoke about PE and How PE is integrated right across the curriculum to encourage children to be active. If you would like a copy of the presentations, please email burrowschoolpa@gmail.com

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