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Sports Day 13th June 2015


Here is some info to help you to get set and ready to go in Suttonians this Saturday, 13th June!

11am Procession starts at the track – check out the smiley faces in the map above – children gather according to their house colour.  All siblings have the same house colour.  If you’re unsure what your family house colour is, please text Lynn Bray 087 205 7238.
After the procession, all children will be brought by a sports day volunteer to their class meeting point at the start of the race track (marked “start” on map).
The races commence – they are a mix of fun and competitive races.  The older children have chosen the races they’re competing in so hopefully everyone will be happy!
After each race, the winners are given their medals straight away and all children return to their class meeting point at the start of the race track, ready for their next race (medal winners can drop off the medals to their parents, grandparents or minder enroute).
This way the races will run smoothly and quickly as all children race, then queue, race then queue.
There’s lots more happening on the day….read on!



Please remember that the judge’s decision is final!   This is a fun day and everyone who is making it happen is a volunteer.





After all of the class races, there will be a short race for younger siblings!




All that fresh air will make you hungry, so grab a burger or sausage at the BBQ!




Enjoy some strawberries and cream while watching the races!  There’ll also be popcorn on sale, but no sweets – it’s sports day after all!!








  • suncream
  • sun hat
  • picnic blanket
  • umbrella
  • rain gear!



Fingers crossed the lovely weather stays for sports day!