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Volunteers and Job Descriptions

Thanks again for volunteering! Please see below your job and job description at bottom of page!  If you’ve any queries, please contact Lynn Bray on 087 2057238.

Junior Track

Senior Track

Track Manager Trevor Collier Track Manager Lucinda McGrath
Catcher 1st place Peter Dobson Catcher 1st place Dave Bray
Catcher 2nd place David Courtney Catcher 2nd place Brendan McNeely
Catcher 3rd place Ian Massey Catcher 3rd place Mervyn Fogerty
Race Starter Gary Flood Race Starter Derek Fennell
Ribbon Holder finish Michelle Cotter Ribbon Holder finish Andrea Cawley
Ribbon Holder finish Esther Lynch Ribbon Holder finish Gill Molyneux
Race Results Kim Sargent Race Results Ronan MacDonel
Class organiser Manager Finn Elmore Class organiser Manager Lindsay Bond O’Neill
Class organiser JI Susan Bracken Class organiser Gill Elliott
Class organiser SI Monica Flood Class organiser Emer McKiernan
Class organiser 1st Emily Sweetman  Medal Steward  Richie Flanagan
Class organiser 2nd Jayne Dummer Race Warden 1 Graham Smith
Race warden 1 Jessica Baldwin Race Warden 2 Lucinda to instruct kids
Race warden 2 Ken Brady back to Lindsay at start
Race warden 2 Julian/Catherine Thompson  Car Park Attendants  Pat Bolger
 Medal Steward Gerry O’Sullivan/ Lynn Bray  11.00-11.50  Elaine Hassett
First Aider Tim O’Neill  Clean Up  ALL PA, Averil Harford, Audrey Haas

Anyone who can!

Strawberries and Cream Joyce Lea   Karen McBride  Trolley collection x3  Ian Battle
Fiona Awerbuck 11.30-12.30

Suzie Byrne 12.30-1.30

Basket collection x4 Ian Battle
 Ice bags x 10  Ian Battle
Cans and popcorn Debbie McNeely
Cans and popcorn Sally Ann Collier
BBQ Colin Bray
Darrell Reamsbottom
Robert Eason


Job Descriptions!

Job Description
Track Manager

Overall in charge, ensuring all going plan ie knowing the order etc of races,ensuring kids go immediately back to the start after completion of race.

Catchers 1st,2nd,3rd

Each catcher has responsability to decide on top 3 placings and give medals.*** NO JOINT PLACING ***

Race Starter Starts all races
Ribbon Holder Holding finish line ribbon and if required to be a catcher if a catcher’s child is running in the race
Class organiser Ensuring kids are in their classes boys and girls and that they have the correct equipment required for their next race, i.e. egg and spoon,sack,beanbag
Race Warden 1 When kids finish race walk them down immediately back down to the start line and pass over to the class organiser. Then proceed immediately back to the finish line to continue.
Race warden 2 Ensure all sports equipment is collected from the kids when they cross the finish line and bring immediately to the start line for the next race and then return to the finish line to continue.
 Medal Stewart

Overall responsibilty for minding the medals and Making sure catchers have medals required before each race

 Car Park Attendants  Ensuring the safety of the children arriving. Fill one side of car park then the other side. Close off with cones if car park full.
 Race Warden Manager  Ensuring all class organisers have their classes ready and have the correct sports equipment for their races.
 First Aider  To walk between the tracks and attend to any injuries that occur.
 Cans/ Popcorn  To walk around and between the tracks to sell cans/ popcorn, fill up when required
 Strawberries  To walk around and between the tracks to sell strawberries & cream and fill up when required
 Race results  To immediately take note of 1st, 2nd, 3rd place after race completion.  Full name and ensure logged under child’s house colour.
 BBQ  Colin Bray will advise when you arrive.
Race Information All volunteers to be there for 11.15am