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Burrow School Parents Association (PA) works alongside the Burrow School’s Board of Management, the school staff and the school community to build a positive environment for all our children. We organise school and family events, provide a link between parents and school management, and raise some much-needed funds for our school. The funds we raise are used for various school activities and needs, the cost for which cannot be met by the school’s own funding alone – but we’re sure you’ll agree are valuable additions for our children’s school experience.

Most recently, our funds have contributed to the new back garden and all-weather pitch; in 2018/19, we aim to raise in excess of €10,000, which will be put towards many activities including violin lessons for JI to 2nd class, safe cycling classes for older children, coaches to take 2nd & 5th classes to swimming and Pilates instruction.

Please note:
This website and its content are owned and published by the BSPA and are separate to the Burrow School National School Board of Management. All information and views on this site are provided by the parent volunteers elected onto the BSPA Committee and do not form part of any official Burrow National School communications to pupils and parent/guardians. The aim of the website is to provide BSPA information to parents/guardians on our plans and activities.

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