Burrow School Parents Association

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Contact Us

You can contact us by emailing burrowschoolpa@gmail.com or by completing the contact form below and we will respond shortly.

Burrow School Parents’ Association 2018/2019:

Gwen Robinson Aringsjö – Chairperson

Penny Gray – Secretary

Adrienne Warburton – Treasurer

Cliodhna Nelson

Barbara Reamsbottom

Susan Bracken

Class Reps:

Junior Infants: Fiona Awerbuck

Senior Infants: Gwen Robinson Aringsjö

1st Class: Emily Sweetman

2nd Class: Barbara Reamsbottom

3rd Class: Jeanette Penney

4th Class: Susan Bracken

5th Class: Rachel Mc Donnell

6th Class: Kehlen Mikkelson

Contact any of us at any time by email (burrowschoolpa@gmail.com) or by nabbing us in the yard!

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